2021 Planner

Monthly + Daily Planner for Dementia Care Partners

with Pro Tips from The Dementia Sherpa 

Run 2021 like a boss with the planner designed with you in mind!

Dementia care partners have one of the toughest jobs around: caring for and keeping track of the scheduling details of their person and themselves.

These sections make it easier for you stay on top of it all--and feel supported along the way:

  • Important People: My Person + Me
  • Important People + Services: Our Team
  • Monthly Project Master List
  • Weekly Encouraging/Inspirational Quote
  • Weekly Project + Action Steps
  • Weekly Treat
  • Monthly Recap: Rock Star Moves
  • Monthly Recap: Not Quite Crushing It (Yet!)
  • The Dementia Sherpa's Pro Tips
  • A-HA! Notes

We know some days will be fun and filled with joy. Others will be challenging and have you screaming for Calgon to take you away.

Make 2021 the year you take charge with confidence and maximize the good days.


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