LIVE Master Class Training Series #4

live master class training: making every day the best day - creating moments of joy even when you don't feel like it


Even though COVID-19 has turned life as we knew it upside down, one constant has remained: dementia. Because dementia never takes a break

Much like COVID-19, dementia doesn't take a break just because it's after 5pm or a weekend or a special occasion or a holiday

It doesn't matter to COVID-19 or dementia if it attacks people who've lived a good life, contributed to society and helped others. There's no special treatment or exemptions for people we love. 

But there is one big difference between the two: dementia never stops.

The transmission of coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease, can be stopped in its tracks when we wear masks, keep at least six feet apart from one another, and wash our hands thoroughly and frequently. 

Because dementia is a chronic, progressive condition, we need to live in and make the most of each moment with our loved ones. As a dementia care partner, you know that's challenging enough.

Throw in a global pandemic on top of it, and it can sound almost impossible.


But What If....

So...what if we made a decision to break out of the hot mess we find ourselves in and live our lives differently? What would it look like if we made a decision to make every day with our person the BEST day?

What would it feel like if we decided joy is a necessary part of each day rather than an optional thing only if we happen to have the time and motivation to give it a try?

Sounds great, right? But what if:

  • You've tried various good-sounding things before but your person just isn't receptive?
  • Your person won't admit they have dementia, so you're kind of wondering if this would even work?
  • Your person is just kind of...umm...mean? 
  • You've got a ton of stuff to do every day (like your work-from-home job!) and just don't have time for another entry on your to-do list?
  • You'd never say it out loud (except to your bestie), but you've never had a good relationship with your person and you just kinda got stuck holding the care partner bag and you don't really like each other?


Those are all great questions! And we'll cover each of them and more during the LIVE Master Class training on Saturday, October 10, 2020, at 9 am Pacific/ 10 am Mountain/ 11 am Central/ 12 noon Eastern.


In this LIVE Master Class Training, you'll learn how to:

  • Create moments of joy throughout the day, every day
  • Get back to having fun (even if you're not loving the situation you find yourself in)
  • Follow a simple plan tailored to your specific situation
  • Make every day the BEST day


We'll cover:

  • The ingredients necessary for creating one good day after another
  • The Navy SEAL mindset that you can use too, even if you're not exactly built like a Navy SEAL 😉
  • Why routine + predictability are your best friends (even if your very best quality is your ability to spontaneously roll with it...whatever ‘it’ may be)
  • Why spontaneity + the ability to roll with it are your best friends (even if your very best quality is your ability to religiously stick to a predictable routine)


And how to pull all this off without:

  • Stuffing your feelings
  • Adding more work to your day
  • Going through even more frustrating trial and error situations
  • Piling on even more snarky interactions


Join our LIVE Masterclass Training on Saturday, October 10, 2020, at 9 am Pacific/ 10 am Mountain/ 11 am Central/ 12 noon Eastern.


If you've attended a previous LIVE Masterclass Training, you already know that I happily give you:

  • No fluff, no filler, no nonsense
  • All the knowledge I have on the particular topic
  • No tricks like "here's the knowledge, now good luck figuring out how to use it”
  • Specific examples of what I'm teaching so that you can apply the knowledge or technique to your specific situation
  • Answers to your questions...even the hard ones
  • The truth (delivered in a kind, empathetic, and compassionate way)
  • No painting a false, rosy picture just because it sounds better
  • Unexpected laughs that are never, ever at the expense of people living with dementia


We know that when we're proactive rather than reactive, we feel more in control (because we are!) and things tend to go better.



So, join the LIVE Master Class training Saturday, October 10, 2020, at 9 am Pacific/ 10 am Mountain/ 11 am Central/ 12 noon Eastern so that you'll be able to:

  • Leave class with peace of mind you're doing all you can for your person
  • Feel loads better because you're clear on what needs done, and how to accomplish it
  • Make positive changes right now rather than having regrets later
  • Have your questions answered
  • Have lifetime access to the recording, even if you can't attend live


*Important: after enrolling, you'll receive an email with your login credentials for attending.*


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