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The Alzheimer’s Podcast:
Navigating Rough Terrain with the Dementia Sherpa

Welcome to Episode 83 of The Alzheimer’s Podcast, where we’re all about bringing The Good Stuff (that’s respect, kindness, love, empathy, and compassion) for people living with dementia, their families, and the professionals who support them. I’m Christy Turner, AKA The Dementia Sherpa. I’ve enjoyed the privilege of working with over 1,500 people living with dementia and their families so far, including multiple experiences in my own family.

In the course of my career, I’ve transformed from total trainwreck on my first day as a professional, to local go-to expert, speaker, trainer, and consultant. And if I can go from scared spitless to confident care partner, I promise you can too!

In This Episode

In this episode of Navigating Rough Terrain with the Dementia Sherpa, I chat with Lisa Marie Chirico, producer of the Connecting Circles of Care & Building Bridges of Hope Cruise & Conference.

Lisa has a terrific ability to turn would-be negatives into positives, which I love. She tells what inspired her to create this event and how Alzheimer’s disease impacted her own family.

We also discuss the importance of “a snapshot in time” and the benefits of those in the dementia community meeting up face-to-face. That part of our conversation really touched me, because I’d just finished working on last week’s episode about stigma and shame.

If we don’t tell people what needs to change, it’s never going to change. In putting this cruise together, Lisa is presenting another opportunity for those of us in Dementia World to shatter myths and misconceptions about what our people can do, the fun they can have, the joy they can feel. This experience is going to let the general public know what needs to change, what’s possible.

So I’m grateful for Lisa, and hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.


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Christy Turner is a speaker and consultant, host of The Alzheimer’s Podcast, founder of DementiaSherpa.com, and creator of the online programs Memory Care at Home and The Dementia Sherpa’s Guide to Moving into Memory Care. She’s enjoyed the privilege of working with over 1,500 people living with dementia and their families so far, including multiple experiences in her own family.