STOP Holiday Meltdowns Before They Start

Holiday meltdowns…*cringe.*

Let’s get real. Is the thought of the upcoming holidays enough to make your stomach roll? Do you fear a holiday meltdown at your house?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you feel your blood pressure rising as you imagine your sister blowing into town, telling you what you’re doing wrong?

Do you fear what’s going to happen when the whole extended gang shows up to your house? Is everyone looking for the Norman Rockwell holiday that never existed in your family? Are you so stressed out, just the smell of pumpkin pie is making your stomach turn?

Are you feeling pretty sure that you’ll snap like a twig if one more thing lands on your to-do list? What if you’re asked one more repetitive question? How about if your Starbucks order gets screwed up?

What if some fool just happens to make eye contact at the exact wrong moment?

Is the idea of a holiday meltdown not so much an if, but more of a when?

Hit the brakes!

You could a) use a holiday meltdown to go for a blackout on your Dysfunctional Family Bingo card, or b) you could try something else entirely.

If you chose option B, good news! Tools are available to help you transform from a giant ball of stress back into the cool kitten you really are.

The checklist for avoiding a holiday meltdown has tips for mindset, shopping, decorating, entertaining, and preparing.

Newsletter subscribers also get the handy email template to set realistic expectations for visitors before they show up for the holidays and things get awkward, as well as scripts to deal with family members.

Just what it sounds like, the scripts allow you to practice what you’ll say in a variety of situations so you don’t end up dumbstruck speechless or blurting something you’ll regret later.

Plus, there’s a little bonus surprise embedded at the end of the scripts for newsletter subscribers. 😉

Here’s to zero holiday meltdowns in your family this season! 


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