Phil Gutis, our Assistant Sherpa on The Alzheimer’s Podcast, recently talked to me about traveling to his nephew’s graduation and doing a speaking engagement. Phil covered three states in five days.


Quite an Adventure


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Christy Turner is a speaker and consultant, host of The Alzheimer’s Podcast, founder of, and creator of the online programs Memory Care at Home and The Dementia Sherpa’s Guide to Moving into Memory Care. She’s enjoyed the privilege of working with over 1,500 people living with dementia and their families so far, including multiple experiences in her own family.

Phil Gutis is a former New York Times reporter and current contributor. He served on the Alzheimer’s Association Early Onset Advisory Board and is currently on the board of the Alzheimer’s Association-Delaware Valley Chapter. In addition to being a full-time Alzheimer’s advocate, Phil is a columnist for, and is the Assistant Sherpa on The Alzheimer’s Podcast. Phil was diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer’s disease three years ago, at age 54.