REPLAY Master Class Training Series #3


Dementia has replaced cancer as the diagnosis Americans fear most, yet most folks aren't sure what, if anything, they can do to reduce their chances of developing dementia.

While scientists are still working on figuring out a cure, now's the time to take charge and make your own luck with these simple low or no cost strategies backed by scientific evidence.

When we're proactive rather than reactive, we feel more in control (because we are!) and things tend to go better.

Join the Master Class trainingĀ so that you can:


  • Know you're doing everything you can to reduce your chances
  • Make positive changes right now
  • Feel better both physically and emotionally


For decades now, the focus has been on finding the cure. As someone who's watched one phase 3 clinical trial after another fail, I wanted to know more about what else could be done right now.

It turns out I'm not alone. Even most scientists now believe there won't be any one "magic bullet." Instead, a combination of approaches are likely to lead to the best outcome.

And the good news is you don't have to wait for signs or symptoms of dementia to appear before you become proactive.

Instead, you can begin taking immediate steps to reduce your chances of developing dementia while also helping yourself feel better in your day to day life almost right away.

And just in case that isn't enough good news, the best part may just be the cost: these are all low or no cost strategies!


During the training, we'llĀ 

  • Look at what works
  • Examine why it works
  • Spell out what to stay away from (also known as 'snake oil')


Then I'll

  • Suggest simple ways to incorporate positive changes right away
  • Show you how to make sure your person benefits, too
  • Answer your questions


After the training, you'll be able to:

  • Leave class with peace of mind you're doing all you can for yourself
  • Feel loads better because you're clear on what needs done, and how to accomplish it
  • Have lifetime access to the recording


**Important! Please read** After you've enrolled, you'll be redirected to a page that gives you immediate access. You will also receive an email within 24 hours with the link. Still need help/have questions? Please contact Support.


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