See what my clients, past students, and professional colleagues have to say:


I believe in angels and that God can and does send unseen heavenly messengers to help us in times of stress and trial. I have felt their influence. I believe that he also sends angels in human form to minister to us at such times. You are one of those angels. I don’t believe it was coincidence that you entered my life, and that you have so willingly been available to give me advice and guidance. I don’t know how I could have gotten through this past week without you there holding my hand. What a blessing it has been to have had you. I can’t find the words to express my gratitude. I’m sure there are others who have the expertise and knowledge that you possess but I don’t think there are any who have as much compassion and kindness as you.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You will be forever in my prayers of gratitude.



Salem, OR

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. You managed to make a difficult and serious subject fun and lighthearted with your hilarious dialogue used while presenting. You obviously have a unique and creative mind when it comes to dealing with dementia. Those who glean your secrets and the loved ones who are the beneficiaries of those skills are truly blessed.



Woodburn, OR

I contacted Christy for help when my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and wanted someone to talk to that specialized in this field.  What was originally to help my Mom and her husband understand what was happening in their home spread to the extended blended family to work together and provide the best possible care for our aging parents.  Christy’s guidance for me as their primary care coordinator in particular was very valuable.

Christy gave me the tools to 1. better understand my Mom’s disease, 2.  accept what I cannot change, 3.  and most importantly, help me understand my role and the role of my siblings.  I would absolutely recommend Christy; she really came to the rescue when things were falling apart.  We worked with Christy as a family for about 6 months and now have been able to operate successfully on our own for the past year.  Needless to say I am so grateful that she was recommended to us.

If you are faced with caring for someone with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s and are overwhelmed, I highly recommend that you and your family meet with Christy to get help with your current situation and also planning for the future. Knowledge is power!



Sherwood, OR

I remember so well the first time I met you, when you spoke at a “driving” seminar held at the Salem Hospital. I was so worried about Dad’s driving and your talk helped me down the path of understanding what needed to happen, why and how to do it without being the bad guy. Of course, you helped us implement the plan…but my point is that just seeing that the “class” and help was available was such a relief.



Wilsonville, OR

Christy is not only knowledgeable, sincere, and trustworthy; she is also passionate about our seniors’ rights and their dignity. She will always look out for their best interests and do the right thing.  Dignity and respect was restored for those Seniors I know she worked with. They were empowered and actually became healthier, of clearer mind and stepped into the right level of care.

Christy is a straight up person and working with her is always a pleasure. She is direct but kind and doesn’t dance around the issues.  I would recommend Christy and do. Her brochures are in my office and I pass them out whenever I sense it will help someone. I have full confidence that Christy will make a difference and help in so many ways.  Christy is an expert in the field of dementia and a valuable resource to be tapped into. She does education pieces, she helps not only her clients but she will come and educate a community’s staff, or a caregiver at home.


Sue Horn

Farmington Square Salem, Community Relations Director

I have known Christy for several years.  There is incredible value to having Christy as your consultant and case manager.  When navigating the Health Care system and getting core information and direction at appointments there is no beating around terminology and the medical system.  With her skills – you get clear concise information that empowers an individual and family with clear direction and peace of mind for the course ahead.

Christy is my go to person.  She is the only person I refer people to.  I have found many people are so afraid of the system that they avoid matters.  I had referred Christy to a family and they admitted they were afraid to call her for help but referred her on to another friend.  That friend told me that she’d had no idea how valuable Christy was until she solved so many difficulties and provided direction and care to them. The person who referred her on regretted not using Christy vs going through their medical care plan provided by their primary care and became lost in the system.

Christy is a clear communicator with a background that can cut to the center of issues and navigate the medical care system.  Individuals and families are empowered with the confidence to create what they need and want.  There are not enough independent, confident and skilled professionals in this specific industry.  So many individuals are so busy struggling with care and maintenance of patients that they need guidance and direction getting clear concise medical care and preventative decision making directions.   The difference Christy makes for her clients is that they and their extended family have more time to enjoy life than navigating the unknown discovering only after the need for benefits available had they known where to go to request them.

In life, many times we all say “I’ll never do that again”.  When Christy and her team step in, they always say “I’ll do that again”.  Life has become fast paced, limited resources and many time constraints.  Why not have the best working on your behalf and the interests of your loved one?

Ron Threadgill

Threadgill Memorial


That was outstanding!   I learned a lot and was “riveted” to the phone.  So glad we will have a link to the recordings.  I’m excited about being a part of the initial three sessions.  Thank You for putting this program together.  I especially liked the review about “Arguing” which applies to people in general.  I can’t hear that enough.  🙂

The information at the end–“Three Keys” and “Crucial Elements” are so very helpful.  I know the power of “good energy” around, not only people with dementia, but with everyone (even when they’re in a coma).  So glad you made that a strong point.  And it ended with a little bit of tears–about the importance of respect, kindness and love.  Thanks for that strong ending.  It registered with me.

Jean Blackburn

Tigard, OR

I enjoyed your class immensely. I found it to be very informative. I appreciate the advice that was given and plan to use it. I knew what dementia did but I wasn’t fully aware of the details. You’re an amazing instructor and I hope that you continue to educate others. It was a pleasure! 🙂


Keizer, OR

I thought the class was very useful and informative to refresh my memory of the disease process and progression of dementia and how to communicate and awareness of different levels of behaviors. I enjoyed the role-playing–it was very helpful. Christy was very knowledgeable and made the class interesting and understandable.



Salem, OR

We employ Christy as a formal trainer for our professional caregivers. We also contact Christy to give specific help to our clients and their families who live with dementia.  Christy as been a godsend for many of our client’s families. Our caregivers always praise Christy’s training program. Christy also helps us target which caregivers will be most successful in working with our clients who have dementia.  We feel far more confident in ourselves and our caregivers as a result of the training we have received from Christy.

We absolutely would and do recommend  Christy as she is very skilled in teaching loved ones how to respond to specific situations that commonly occur when someone has dementia. She and the case managers  who work for her are strong advocate for their clients, ensuring that what is needed to be done in their best interests is accomplished.


Lauren Heinatz

Transitions Director, ComForcare Home Care in Salem, OR