Hanging out with family in sunny CA

This week is a round-up of good stuff in one form or another, because it’s been a week, but I’m still playing the ‘I was in California hanging with family and I’m still exhausted from travel’ card. (Have you ever done this, or is it just me?)

Also, and more importantly, we can all use a break from the not-good stuff. So here are some links that are useful, educational, helpful, supportive….you know, good stuff 😉


1- J. Costello, an 8-min film, has premiered. Watch itread about the inspiration for it, and please share it with your friends.

2- The Aging in Portland Radio show (a 60-minute broadcast) had me back for part 2 (in a 4-part series) to talk managing high anxiety, hallucinations, and delusions without drugs. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

3- “Navigating Rough Terrain with The Dementia Sherpa” is on The Alzheimer’s Podcast (a 30-minute show) every other week! Sign up for reminders, or head straight to the podcast page to listen.

4- ICYMI: Stuff happens when you’re traveling. Add holidays + dementia? It’s time for Girl Scout-level prep, full stop. Here’s how.

5- Need support, strategy, and tactics for the holidaysCheck this out.

6- The McGinty Conference is Tuesday, FREE for families. Details and registration.

7- Know someone in grief? Want to call them? Don’t know what to say? Here’s your tip sheet with specific, actionable advice.

8- I had the privilege of speaking at the Oregon Health Care Association’s Life Enrichment/Activities Conference Thursday morning. I can tell you for a fact these professionals wake up every morning with the intent to make life as awesome as they can for people living with dementia and other older adults. **THANK YOU, LEDs!**

9- Looking for specific info? Check out the Dementia Sherpa YouTube channel. Most popular is How to get a person living with dementia to take a shower, but there’s lots of other good stuff there, too.

As always, I’m wishing you a blessed and easyweek ahead!


Christy Turner is the founder of DementiaSherpa.com, creator of the programs High Engagement, Low Problems (HELP) for Life Enrichment/Activities Professionals and Successfully Navigating The Holidays, and a featured blogger on Sixty+Me.com. Her segment “Guiding You Through Rough Terrain with The Dementia Sherpa” appears on The Alzheimer’s Podcast every other Tuesday. Christy has enjoyed the privilege of working with 1,123 people living with dementia and their families.